Learn how blanketwifi can help your company stay ahead of the curve.

3 Reasons to Schedule a Free Site Analysis

1. You'll get a free, no-risk initial assessment of how blanketwificould improve your operations and increase value for your residents.

2. Our solution is custom-fit to your property (according to size, structures, and topography).

3. The advantages of blanketwifi are far greater than the cost of service. We'll show you how.  

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Our wireless Internet access is different.

We provide the backbone that carries the most critical functions affecting income and cost at your property.

inviacom℠  delivers not one, but four seperate robust networks—one each for residents, guests, operations, and medical staff.

All four networks are running on the same hardware, but totally independent of each other for a more secure, better user experience.

Unlike other WiFi solutions that only cover certain areas, blanketwifi covers your entire property. No other provider comes close to delivering the coverage and support that we do.