Helping You Stay Connected in this Modern World

What We Provide
  • invianetsm: Internet services for Admin, Guests, & Residents
  • inviatalksm: Telephone services for Admin & Residents
  • inviatechsm: Managed IT Services
  • inviatvsm: Television Services
  • 24/7 US Based Customer Service & Support

inviacomSM is working to keep your staff and residents connected, no matter what. 

Coronavirus has taught us all a few things, the most important of which is how staying connected to friends, loved ones, and colleagues anywhere in the world is vitally important. And this is where inviacomsm can help.

inviacomsm supports nearly 200 communities across the United States, providing campus wide internet, phone, and television services for guests, residents, and administration. Your community will also enjoy our US-based support team, available 24/7 to assist with any questions and concerns.

How has inviacomSM dealt with COVID-19?

seniorstressballWe have taken this current situation extremely seriously and actively moved to reduce unneeded travel, exposure to residents in communities, and promoted social distancing, increased hand washing, and device sanitation among our staff.

We understand that we need to be there for our communities, enabling them to continue supporting their residents. To promote social distancing, our staff is able to work both from our offices or from home, able to answer any call or email as needed. The impact on how we serve our clients has been minimal. 

We can provide these same services to your community, allowing you to stay in touch without being physically there.

  • VPN access to your community network and applications
  • Managed Email & Team Communications
  • Access to voicemail & the ability to make and receive calls with the Android & iOS App.

We know these solutions will work for your community... because we use them every day.

The Process

Speak with an Account Executive

Evaluate Your Community

Installation & Setup of Equipment

Launch & Migration

Start by filling out the form below and an account executive will work with you to determine your community's technology needs. We will then evaluate your community using maps and on-site surveys to determine the best placement of equipment, signal strength, and any potential issues.  Our team will work to install & setup all equipment needed. From Laptops and printers to switches and access points, we'll take care of everything. We won't leave you to explain the changes to your community's residents. Our Launch Team will visit and host a community wide launch event that includes one-on-one migration assistance!  


Want to know how we can help your community?

If you would like more information about working with inviacomsm, just fill out the form below. One of our account executives will get in touch within 24 hours.