The end-user experience—that’s the bottom line. That’s what we’re all about.

inviacom℠ is committed to serving as one of the technology industry's leading Internet and network service providers. We strive to fulfill a critical role within the success of the multi-tenant and hospitality industry by enabling business and residential users to stay connected with their lives.

We accomplish this vision by:

  • Keeping pace with ever-changing technological advancements and by being the first to deploy those technologies.
  • Envisioning our clients’ needs even before they do and fostering early adoption of advanced networking technologies.
  • Providing leading-edge innovation. We empower our clients to create their own paths to success and improve their lives and the lives of those they serve.

Our Process in More Detail

The inviacom℠ model enables our clients and their end-users to stay connected with their work, loved ones, and the endless resources provided by the Internet. We realize the importance of our clients feeling comfortable and capable of using technology has a part of their lives. We strive to create the best experience possible

Network Design and Install

Network Design and Install

inviacom℠ will design, install, configure, implement and monitor your community-wide wireless network

System Support and Monitoring

System Support and Monitoring

Eliminate the hassles of WiFi network management and reduce your capital expenditures.

Live Customer Support

Live Customer Support

inviacom℠ provides live one-on-one support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Site Survey

We must thoroughly understand our client’s premise in order to properly design a network. inviacom℠ takes the time to meet with facilities directors to walk the campus and determine best methods for installation of our devices.

Network Design

After the site survey, network design is the next step in our rollout process. Based on the survey findings, our engineers perform the tedious process of designing the high-speed Internet access network. The end results are harmonious WiFi coverage throughout designated areas at our clients' properties.

Network Installation

The execution of our network installation is paramount in the delivery process. Many WiFi networks fail due to lack of planning and execution. We review the design prior to  execution, starting with Network Operations then on to Field Deployment Team and finally Customer Support.


Our process allows for a hands-on introduction to the end-users. This introduction also accomplishes a warm hand-off to our support center to assist users with network connectivity.


As a part of the standard offering, inviacom has a 24x7x365 (client) support center. Our Carolina-based call center is well-versed on a variety of wirelessly enabled devices. Based on our experience, a bring your own device (BYOD) environment is quite a support undertaking and our team is always available for the challenge.  

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