Technology training empowers seniors with the skill sets necessary to navigate the online world of computers. Our goal is to allow everyone to have the ability to leverage and use technology effectively.

How Our Training Works


Group Training Sessions


1-1 Scheduled Appointments

In addition to providing top-notch training, our instructors also create step-by-step instructions (Quick Reference Documents) that residents receive during training, and they can access self-paced instructional videos, anytime, on our website.


Where does training occur?

Typical training is held on your community campus. Attendees will receive Quick Reference Documents relevant to the training topic of the day. The instructor will visit individual residents for a 45-minute session on training topics or computer issues specific to their needs.

Why Theneed

Why the Need for Training for Seniors 

In the ever-changing, fast-paced world of computers, seniors can either feel overwhelmed or hesitant to fully embrace the benefits of this technology.


Value of Training 

Technology plays a vital role in helping seniors stay engaged, if they embrace it. Our hands-on tech training program empowers seniors with the skill sets necessary to navigate the online world.


2-Day Program, Starting at $1,500 

2-day package does not include travel expenses. Custom packages are also available.


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