Senior Living Communities

We service over 100 communities in 26+ states across the country, providing high-speed campus WiFi, VoIP,  High-Definition TV, and technology training solutions for seniors.
Senior living communities is our sweet spot. From high-rise communities to 180-acre campuses tailoring to senior residences, we support them all. Our competitive edge coupled with domestic 24/7 support and tech training allows us to provide a more human approach to technology.

Did you know...

The average apartment has 6-8 devices connected, per household.

Apartments + Condos + Hotels

Our high-speed campus WiFi solution gives property owners a competitive edge against neighboring communities by offering top-notch Internet access and support. Once a novelty, WiFi Internet access is now a necessity.

We cater to young professionals in urban areas who are accustomed to having Internet access 24/7. By including WiFi Internet access as part of the lease, you are relieving residents of the burden of those costs and the hassle of  Internet access setup.

Educational Facilities

We deliver high-speed WiFi Internet to campus housing so students can connect and complete their daily online courses and access their email and necessary learning videos.
i.e., College of Charleston Campus Deployment: we distributed Internet from the college campus into the student housing and more specifically, Greek-life housing. We designed and deployed the wireless backbone [infrastructure] and wireless distribution throughout the college campus. The results: delivery of 10 MB bandwidth to each student device.

Recreational Facilities

We provide robust and reliable campus-wide WiFi, satisfying an increasing expectation of vacationers to have access to social media outlets in order to post their vacation experiences. Real-time is everything.

Did you know...

Often times, our package will be more affordable across the board, as opposed to leaving it up to the resident or guest to be responsible for amenities.

Special Event WiFi

Do you have a large concentration of people being brought together for a special event? We install, set up, and provide on-site support at the time of the event. Whether you have a promotional or custom-based WiFi network, we can assist. Our most recent event with the Charlotte Ballet included 13 Wireless Access Points (WAPs) to provide WiFi Internet access to 600+ people.